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eA recherche des programmeurs/testeurs

04 février 2006 à 16:20 | Par LML | 20 commentaires
eAcceleration recherche depuis peu des programmeurs (C++), ainsi que des personnes douées avec la musique et les graphismes pour mener à bien son projet de corriger les principaux problèmes de T4C, et dans un avenir plus ou moins proche de créer un T4C en 3D. Si vous etes interessés n'hésitez pas à postuler. Voici l'annonce complète faite par eA (en anglais) :

Now first off, before anyone says it should be in the eA server section, this is not for eA only and the applications are open to anyone who wishes to give it a go and I don't feel those people will have the same chance of seeing this post if it is in the eA only section.

Now to the point: We at eA are looking to greatly expand our Development team and add new aspects as well as old. We are looking for many different kinds of talents.

The possible jobs list:

-Server/client network programmer (1-2)
-Client interface programmer (1-3) (Must be able to work with DirectX)
-Editor tools programmer (1-2)

-Environment artist (1-2)
-3D animation artist (3-5)
-2D picture artist (1-3)

-Music and sound artist (1-3)

Game environment
-Quests and storylines specialist (1-3)
-PVP and PVM balance specialist (1-2)

-Website programmer (1-2)
-Website designer (1)

- Content editor (1-2)
- Lector (1) - checks grammar, rephrases sentences (not sure if that is the correct english word for it)

-Game tester (2-3)

What would we be working on? Some ideas that were discussed are below - not saying all will be done, nor it would be all done immmediatelly, but these things are being taken into consideration, it's not a final list, it's just to give you an idea what could be worked on if eA lets us:
- ingame storage
- fixing old Vircom source-code bugs
- change the way the game saves data to make it safer - prevent char data loss
- prevent warps
- try solve the lag issue
- windowed mode
- higher resolution, options to chose between 800x600, 1024x768, 16 / 32 bit
- alpha blend
- zoom in/out
- add shadows to all sprites
- add more animations (like for water)
- add rain, snow, fog, lava, hail, thunder...
- enhance the chat system
- ingame NPC guild system
- ingame NPC bounty hunter system
- ingame NPC castle raids
- seraphs flying - using wings
- enhance all sprites, there are too few, re-render all
- new walking, running, sitting, flying, etc
- add ingame selling system - shops/market
- add new, specific online store items to be sold ONLY to gain money for advertising t4c, NOT for any other reason
- a dozen new skills, like mining, alchemy, fletching, etc. new archer and warrior skills for attack/defence
- select the way your char looks on char creation screen - like choose color of hair, skin, eyes, face type, hairstyle, body etc
- ingame map showing where your char is, and surrounding area
- enlarge the current game maps
- ingame PK system - rewards / penalties
- add neutral wings and neutral quests/seraphing
- change the different wings to have different looks and give different bonuses, new looks for every seraph x
- ingame hire NPC fighters
- ingame (summon) pets system
- allow players to chose different skins, stats would depend on skin type - like if an orc is chosen, the char would get higher str but lower int/wis; if an elf is chosen, better agi...
- fix karma bugs and enhance the karma system, rewards for specific karma amounts
- ingame item description when mouse hovers over items
- upgrade items system, also add magical properties to items system
- archers should lose arrows when they shoot them, so should be sold by NPCs in packages of 50, 100, etc
- a new editor with new options needed for making better game content
- new GM commands to help the GMs do their job better, like a SEARCH name's ACCOUNT

Please send an application with the job(s) you are applying for, your talents, background in those jobs as well as T4C/general gaming and of course samples of your work if you have. We do expect anyone in our development team to be able to represent eA publicly in a professional manner so please do take this aspect into consideration before applying.

The email to send aplicatons to is: and please use the subject line: eA T4C Development Team

Ishy HGM eAcceleration

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